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The most common types of thickener are: calcium, lithium, lithium complex, polyurea, aluminum complex and calcium sulfonate. Same grease under various operating conditions. It is good to keep in mind that the same grease may be used in a wide variety of equipment. Under the most diverse operating conditions.

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Grease Thickener Types • Lithium (Simplex & Complex) • Bentonite / Clay • Calcium Sulfonate • Sodium (Simplex & Complex) • Barium Sodium (Simplex & Complex) • Calcium (Simplex & Complex) • Aluminum Complex • Barium (Simplex & Complex) • Lithium Calcium (Simplex & Complex) We currently pack into the following container sizes: • 180kg drums • 50kg pails • 18kg pails

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PERFORMANCE/COMMENTS PRODUCT NLGI GRADE Aluminum Complex Inorganic Calcium Sulfonate Lithium Lithium Calcium Lithium- Complex PTFE Sodium-45 -35 -25 -15 -10 -5 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 100 125 150 175 200 225 250 275300350400450500550 WELD (kg) WEAR (mm) AFC 0, 1, 2 315 __ Tacky grease for mining appliions.

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AMSOIL Synthetic Polymeric Off-Road Grease (GPOR1) coines an over-based calcium-sulfonate complex thickener and proprietary synthetic polymeric technology to provide outstanding performance in heavy duty off-road appliions operating in temperatures below 4.4 degrees C. View Detail Page

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It is made using water insoluble and unique calcium sulfonate complex formulation. This boat trailer marine grease is popular for being blue and tacky aluminum complex grease that makes use of vastly redefined base oil. Marine grease vs. Regular grease:

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Always Refer To OEM When Switching Grease Types. WD-40 SPECIALIST MULIT PU. Authorized dealer, genuine auto parts. WD40 30042 Multi Purpose Grease SPECIALIST (R) Calcium Sulfonate Blue 8 PACK | eBay

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This innovative grease outperforms all other grade greases like calcium base, clay base and even aluminum complex base greases. APPLIIONS: DURALIFE® CS HI-TEMPERATURE EP FOOD MACHINERY GREASE CSFM is suitable for many grease-lubried machineries such as bearings, conveyor belts, chains, linkage and slides, etc. found in canneries,

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A simple lithium soap grease, a lithium complex grease, and a calcium sulfonate gel grease were tested. The data are shown in Table 4. Table 4 Dropping point data for the new tester compared to


Calcium-complex sulfonate thickener coined with premium petroleum base oils with select additives for extreme pressure characteristics and thin-film, high-pressure, anti-wear protection. Maintains protection in caster run out tables or similar tough operating environments.

duralife synthetic CS Hi-Temp. EP Food Machinery Grease

This innovative grease outperforms all other grade greases like calcium base, clay base and even aluminum complex base greases. APPLIIONS: DURALIFE® SYNTHETIC CS HI-TEMPERATURE EP FOOD MACHINERY GREASE CSFM-FS is suitable for many grease-lubried machineries such as bearings, conveyor belts, chains, linkage and slides, etc.

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It comes with aluminum complex base that also features high oil content formulation. This is smooth sailing to apply since you can use it with the help of mini-sized grease guns. This lube’s leakage level and oxidization stability level both gauged at 5.

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Aluminum Complex (4) Calcium Anhydrous (4) Calcium Sulfonate (5 ) Calcium, Lithium (30) Clay non-curing silicone compound used for electrical sealing, lubriing, protecting and insulating. Di-electric grease waterproofs electrical connections protecting against moisture and other contaminents. Improves electrical performance


This calcium complex sulfonate grease performs well in the marine environment. It provides a high level of corrosion protection and resistance to both fresh and salt water. Spheerol SX2 is a multi-purpose lubricant that gives enhanced lubriion and protection for bearings, wire ropes and open gears found in offshore environments.

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Food Grade Lubricants. Synthetic Lubricants: While many mineral-oil-based products meet the NSF International’s food-grade requirements, they often do not measure up to the more demanding temperature and load requirements of modern food, beverage, and pharmaceutical processing equipment. Mineral Oil based products also contain levels of saturated hydrocarbons (MOSH) and …

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Shop for CALCIUM SULFONATE COMPLEX GREASE is a new generation of calcium grease that is characterized by its spectacular mechanical stability. Over based Complex Thickener. Water Resistant, EP Properties. NLGI 1 - 35LB. (5 GALLON) PAIL BUCKET NLGI 2 - 35LB. (5 GALLON) PAIL BUCKET NLGI 3 - 35LB. (5 GALLON) PAIL BUCKET

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Reformulated with calcium sulfonate complex thickeners to provide even better protection and performance. AMSOIL Synthetic X-Treme Food Grade Grease is an ultra-premium aluminum complex grease designed for food service and pharmaceutical industry equipment where there is a possibility of incidental contact.

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Grease Formulating 101 Grease makes the world go round, but how does it work? Afton Chemical is an industry leading supplier in performance additive and component technology for manufacturing greases. They have answered some of the industry’s most asked questions about grease …

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® Grease Finding that market brands failed to provide sufficient protection in our highly demanding appliions, erpillar designed grease products specifically to protect and extend life of ® equipment in the most rigorous appliions. The unique calcium sulfonate complex thickener in our premium greases provides superior protection for the most severe

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Grease Compatibility Quick Reference Guide 613 615 622 625 629 630 633 635 Aluminum Complex I A C A I A A A Barium Complex I C I C C C C C Calcium Stearate A C I C I C C C Calcium 12 Hydroxy C A C A A A A A Calcium Complex I I I I C I I I Calcium Sulfonate A …

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Sulfonate complex base type is also gaining popularity these days. General Purpose Grease. These types of grease are used where a low-cost product is needed. It is used in inexpensive and non-critical parts where premium performance is not required. The grease is mostly used in low-speed bearings with frequent relubriion requirements.

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Calcium sulfonate based greases are recognized as an excellent technology for grease appliions where heat, water, and high or shock loads exist. Their inherent properties are well known and include excellent rust and wear protection, high load carrying capacity, high dropping point, and excellent mechanical stability, even in the presence of water.

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Lucas Green Vs Red Grease

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Calcium Complex: Good water resistance and H1 approval. Used in steel and paper mills. Also used in food plants. Used up to 350 F. Calcium Sulfonate: Very good inherent corrosion resistance and high EP along with H1 approval, but expensive because of high thickener content. Used in food grade, corrosive and high-load environments. Used up to

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This grease is an attractive pure white color to complement a hygienic atmosphere, which is important in food processing and pharmaceutical facilities. Grease Compatibility. AMSOIL X-Treme Food Grade Grease is compatible with lithium complex, calcium 12 hydroxy and other aluminum complex greases.

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Amsoil GLC 35 MPG Grease 165 @ 40° C 2 Calcium Sulfonate Complex Red Y N Astra Aquaflow VA SP 10 Grease N/A 2 N/A White Y Y Bel‐Ray Molylube Synthetic EP 1 Grease 99 @ 40°C 1 Aluminum Complex Grey Y Y Bel‐Ray Termalene EP2 Grease 180 @ 40°C 2 Aluminum Complex Red Y

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Energrease JGB is a lithium and calcium mixed soap-bearing grease. Appliions. Energrease JGB is a bearing grease for railroad journal bearings with approval to AAR M-942 specifiion. It has an exceptionally long grease life due to excellent mechanical stability.

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The total global market size of lubriing greases is about 2.38 billion pounds and consists of lithium/lithium complex, calcium, sodium, aluminum/aluminum complex, calcium sulfonate, clay based, polyurea, etc. By far the most popular greases worldwide are lithium-based greases with a market share of more than 75 percent.